Building codes, industry standards, and government regulations require that all surfaces meet minimum thresholds for the co-efficient of friction and have adequate "slip resistance".

The law firm of Company Name has successfully won awards for our clients in essentially every sort of slip and fall accident claim. Our attorneys who specialize in slip and fall accidents have extensive experience in representing our clients who have been severely injured in slip, trip, fall and other accidents on the premises of any property owner.

Slip and fall cases stem from a variety of different types of hazards, including:

• Inadequate lighting

• Wet or slippery floor

• Flooring that is not level

• Carpeting that is in disrepair

• Rain, ice, or snow that is not cleared after a storm

• Unmarked wells or holes in the ground

• Sidewalks that are uneven or have hidden gaps

Our firsts steps are to confer with experts who are able to utilize instruments to test and measure floor slip resistance characteristics, and who are able to provide additional evidence of the negligent behavior on the part of the property owner or occupier. Each of our clients receives professional legal representation based on the highest ethical standards.

We completely investigate all events that surround each client’s claim and diligently prepare a solid case with sound legal arguments. The experts that we confer with include engineering, safety and medical experts. We also carefully review local, state and federal building codes.

Our attorneys also have experience representing clients who are injured in accidents due to things such as defective carpet runners, broken steps, and traffic worn stairs in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, private residences, government buildings, and even cruise ships.

When a business owner values profits over the well-being of their patrons and fails to keep their property safe and free of dangerous conditions that may result in serious injuries or even death, we are there to help you.

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